Online Workshops with Lisa Larrabee

"Lisa's classes excite and inspire me. I look forward to each one. She is an incredibly gifted teacher meeting students' needs at their individual skill levels providing both encouragement and motivation. I am very happy with the progress I have been able to make in just a few classes.  I can't recommend Lisa's classes highly enough." 
~ Lori Green

Painting Fundamentals with Lisa LarrabeePAINTING FUNDAMENTALS 
Watercolor, Oil or Acrylic

Have you wanted to learn to paint, but are not sure where to start?  Perhaps you painted in one medium but want to explore another? Maybe you have tried before, but want the guidance and feedback of an experienced instructor.  Painting Fundamentals will cover the basics to give you a foundation in your choice of watercolor, acrylic or oil painting.  There will be instructor demonstrations, structured assignments, individualized feedback and live studio sessions where you can ask questions as you have them.

Thursdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm MST
March 4 - April 15 (no class March 18)
$250 USD


Drawing with Lisa Larrabee

Why draw on toned paper?  Drawing on white moves only in one direction (from white to dark).  Drawing from a tone lets you build in both directions with lights and darks.  This allows you to create an illusion of light and form more quickly.  It is incredibly forgiving and hides errors as your drawing takes shape.  If you are a painter, drawing on tone will enhance your painting skills.  Like an underpainting, the tone unifies the composition and will encourage you to develop a full value range.  In addition to all of that, it's really fun!

Everyone will be met where they are and will receive the individual feedback needed to improve.  This workshop includes live demos, individual instruction during work sessions and structured assignments that will build with each lesson. No prior drawing experience needed.
Tuesdays 9:00am - 12:00pm MST
March 23 - April 27
$250 USD


Open Studio with Lisa LarrabeeOPEN STUDIO WORKSHOPS
Open media

Create what inspires you.  Develop your art in any 2-D media at any skill level.  The Open Studio workshop allows you the freedom to create the work that you want while studying ways to design with intention.  Learn to create stronger compositions that create a mood, make a statement or tell a story.  Explore the creative potential of color, line and texture.  Biweekly challenges are recommended for you to develop strategies to take your work to the next level whether you are new to the media or feel a bit stuck in a rut. Open Studio classes include live demos, constructive critiques and individual instruction.  Be part of a creative community while developing your own artistic voice.  

Saturdays 9:00am - 11:00am MST
March 27 - May 1
$150 USD


Private Lessons with Lisa LarrabeePRIVATE LESSONS

Customize your instruction by scheduling private lessons.  Private lessons are a flexible option whether you want to touch base once a month for critique and guidance or you want weekly or biweekly sessions.  Sign up for lessons that are structured around your schedule and artistic needs.
$25 USD for 30 minute critique 
$37 USD for 45 minute critique and/or demo
$50 USD for 1 hour critique and work session

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“I can't believe how absolutely amazing my drawing class was. It was fantastic, especially since it was the first art class I have ever taken! Lisa definitely takes the time and care to give high quality and valid feedback for every piece of work that you do. I would definitely recommend taking Lisa’s art class for anyone wanting to learn more about art or even just to have fun and try something different!”  ~ Tammy Gonzales 

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