Portraiture has always held a special interest for me.  Having become a mother of twins has deeply enhanced my understanding of portrait painting.  I chose to paint my own boys from a picture taken on the day they were born.  This developed into the the most personal, intimate painting experience of my life.  I wanted to create portraits that felt so real that I would be compelled to reach out and touch their tiny hands.  I developed life-size portraits that paired soft, accurate, realism with a subtly stylized background.  In addition to the satisfaction I felt as an artist, I also was rewarded, as a mother, with an overwhelming sense of joy and love that floods over me when I gaze at their tiny beautiful faces.  I have always enjoyed painting other people’s children, but I had never before had children of my own to paint.  This insight has brought me a renewed sense of purpose when painting portraits.  I want others to be able to gaze at a portrait of their loved ones and be transported back into that moment.  There is simply nothing like it.

My Figurative Landscapes are another option to consider for a distinctive portrait painting.  These landscape inspired portraits are a unique combination of reality and illusion.  Spatial perceptions are obscured by blurring the line between foreground and background.  As I continue to delve into these paintings, my figures become more integrated with their surroundings.  I want to create an elegant, etherial quality that translates into a form of visual poetry.  Each painting leads me further down this path and allows for a truly unique portrait.

Commissions:  Having a portrait painted should be a special experience.  There are many elements that need to be discussed before proceeding. If you are interested in having a painting commissioned, please call or e-mail so that we may begin the conversation.